Τρίτη, 14 Ιουνίου 2011


The following story is an abstract from an email someone forwarded to me. It contained touching stories, in which childern were the main characters. This one spoke to me the most.

"Teacher Debbie Moon's first graders were
discussing a picture of a family. One little boy in the picture
had a different hair colour than the other members... One of her
students suggested that he was adopted.
A little girl said, 'I know all about
Adoption, I was adopted..'

'What does it mean to be adopted?', asked
another child.

'It means', said the girl, 'that you grew
in your mommy's heart instead of her tummy!' "

This is it! These few lines say it all. It was enough for the child within to rush and make a wish. Guess what she wished for...

Πέμπτη, 9 Ιουνίου 2011

Gems in the Mud

I’ve been worried, I guess, as to whether I’m a good mother or not. I’ve probably been worried all my life whether I’m good anything. At school I was the best student in class (probably in the entire school), with minimum effort. I had shown evidence that I was a gifted writer, singer, performer, painter. But I was never good enough for my mother. Because my mother didn’t want a brilliant, beautiful, talented daughter. She didn’t want a free spirited daughter. She wanted me to change after her image. She wanted me to accept the robotic level of existence that most people accept at a certain degree or another. She wanted me to cage my mind, like she had done unconsciously, and become a wife and a breeder, a domestic slave, invisible. And as for my father, for the few years he was around, he made sure, through his “hand” that I would stay put… and silent… and afraid.

This Korean boy, wow! His name is Sung Bong Choi and he entered Korea’s Got Talent. A gem in the mud! But he’s found a way. He reminds me of someone. Another gem in the mud, who hasn’t found a way yet. Maybe this other gem lacks the determination that the Korean boy has. Maybe, this gem has had too much daily stuff to deal with and has been too distracted and too off track. Maybe it has too many unconscious negative beliefs. Maybe these are just excuses. I don’t know. All I know is that there are quite a few gems that have been thrown in the mud. I wonder how many there are and what they have been up to. Some of them found the way to shine more easily than others. Some of them have done it the hard way, but they have done it! Some of them are stuck in the mud and are still looking for the way out. I wonder. If you stay there long enough, do you ever lose your gem qualities? Could a gem ever turn into dirt for good? I don’t know. But maybe there is only one way and only one destination and only one direction. The way back to shine, the destination of home, the place where you belong, and as for the direction… perhaps it can get you as off track as it can, drive you around in circles, spiral you up and down and throw you in a ditch or two, but it won’t ever make a final stop until it gets you home. I hope this is the case. Maybe deep within I know this is the case. That’s why there is always hope!

I watched another gem in the mud last night on “Πάμε Πακέτο”. A young man, named Esteban Stamatakis. Wow! That man definitely shone last night on TV. His kindness and goodness and sensibility. How he’s risen above all the crap, how he cast the mud off him. An example of what forgiveness and an open heart can do. Wow!

I’m amazed by the goodness in the world. The richness and quality that some people possess. I feel it’s enough to change everything. If we change within, then the whole world changes. It becomes the place where we belong. We can even start noticing, that this is indeed, the place we thought we had left behind. Maybe we’ve been home all along. Perhaps we’ve just been fooled by the mud in our eyes!


Κυριακή, 16 Ιανουαρίου 2011

Is it polititians or artists that shift us forward?

           I don’t watch the news that often to avoid being inundated by “bad news” while I’m trying to relax at the end of my long day. Whatever is presented to us as “the news”, is a series of selected, reportable, events, most of which blown out of proportion or misinterpreted. We are not informed about all the miracles that have been taking place, except, perhaps, for those “happy brief notes” at the end of the program, which are usually not enough to keep people from being discouraged or depressed.
            As a result of my “news abstinence”, I realized I can no longer keep in my memory the names of the government ministers or those of the members of the parliament. Some of you out there might judge me for that. I used to know who they were and kept track of cabinet shuffles or developments in the political scene. I am not saying that I don’t know what is going on in the world. Now that I am not focusing on the “details”, I have seen the bigger picture, and now, that I don’t know who the ministers of my country are, I finally understand what is going on in the world.
            How can they be “memorable” when they are not making a difference, not in the world, but in this little country they have been assigned to govern? The bigger question is, however, would they be “allowed” to make a difference, in the remote case they wanted to?
            I think, I can answer the last question. And so can you, if you think about it. Who has really been making a difference in the world, from ancient times up to now? Is it politicians? Is it politics that has moved us forward? If you can call this “forward”. Where is our true advancement? The world has remained, for millennia, a world of separation, borders, and enemies. Do truly advanced people live in war and enmity or do they enjoy peace? Have politics shifted us from being individualistic and materialistic? Or have they enhanced these “qualities”? Is it politics that promoted and established –to a degree- civil rights, women’s vote, gay rights, children’s and animals' rights, and the rights of all marginalized people? Or was the political system forced, by a massive shift in consciousness, to make adjustments? Who shed light into the dark ages? Wasn’t it Michelangelo and Leonardo Da Vinci?
           The global system in which we exist has made infantile steps towards advancement. Behind the seeming “progress” in technology and lifestyle, behind the impressive urban landscapes, behind the illusion of democracy, you can still find an imperialistic empire, or even, a dominating oligarchy, which is keeping us all limited and controlled. Where is the freedom in that? Is consumerism making us free? Material things, are, precisely, what is keeping us distracted and oblivious to truth.
           I would say, true advancement is measured at the level of consciousness. The system in which we are trying to exist, is keeping our consciousness in a cage. Politicians are those who are “nurturing” the system, even if they don’t know who they are really working for. It is poor and underappreciated artists, who have given us the light, throughout the centuries. They are the ones who truly have made a difference in the world. From Homer and Plato, to Khalil Gibran and Richard Bach, from Da Vinci to Dali and Chagall, from Beethoven to Janis Joplin and R.E.M. They are the ones who have spoken to our unlimited self within and kept us going, until we’ve started remembering who we are.
            There have been, of course, few inspired leaders in the political world. However, their fates show that they were not tolerated. They were either assassinated or imprisoned, but they made history. Gandhi, Martin Luther King and Mandella are more “memorable” than any world leader will ever be.
            We live in “tricky” times, to say the least. Some of us feel that the world is unbearable. Those who rule us keep us afraid of each other, thus easily manipulated and controlled. Sadly, most people like their state of “blissful ignorance”, to the point that, if they ever read this article they would say it’s “mumbo jumbo new ageist stuff”. Then, they would fold the paper, go shopping under a chemtrailed sky, eat at Mc Donald’s, watch the late night news and go to bed. It seems that our lives have been programmed for us, so that we won’t have space to think. But we are reaching a time when our level of consciousness, thanks to all the impoverished, underappreciated artists and philosophers, will make it imperative for the world to change. And, hopefully, an era of true advancement will begin.

Πέμπτη, 13 Ιανουαρίου 2011

Homelessness and Home

(Written 6.2.10)   
           Ever since I can remember I’ve wanted to leave. Homelessness has been my home for a little over three decades. I wanted to escape from my mother’s house. I did. I wanted to escape from my country. I did. I wanted to escape from my marriage. I did. I wanted to escape from every relationship I ever had, either friendly, romantic, mother-daugher, father-daughter. I did. But I never actually left. Even if I did so physically, I carried the place I left from with me wherever I went. Cause the “wishing to escape” is nothing but the resistance to reconcile, to make amends, to forgive. We listen to our mind, floating at the surface of our being, and we think that’s who we are, when in actuality, that’s not who we are. That is just our conditioning. That is our “robotic” level, the one that is constructed in our 3D reality. The one that usually manages to veil our true identity. Our true self has already reconciled, made amends and forgiven, but will not reach out and shout to us, because it is kind enough, and gentle enough, and loving enough to let us remember all by ourselves. It is a matter of reaching into it, into ourselves, into our truth and wisdom. Not of our truth and wisdom to reach out to us. Can I ever give my eight year old boy the answers to his equations? Can I say the answer is 36, when he asks “mom, what’s three times twelve?” No! But I can guide him through it. I can say something like, “why don’t you make it into two equations. How much is three times ten? And if he hasn’t figured it out by then, I might push a little further: “three times two”? That would do it usually.

            Now, how many times did you make the wrong choice and afterwards you said: “I knew it!” Well, if you made the mistake, then maybe, just like me, you haven’t learned how to listen to and trust your intuition yet. And isn’t our intuition the guidance offered by our “true self that’s hanging in there somewhere” waiting for us to heed to the calling. Doesn’t every road, no matter how straight or curved, steep or downhill, short, long or seemingly endless lead to the same place? The place we came from? The place we never actually left? The place we always carry within and always remember on a conscious or an unconscious level? And aren’t the words “endless”, “left”, “back”, “first”, “last”, relative to our limited linguistic conditioning? How can something end, when it never begins? How can we leave a place, when we are always there? How can we go back to where we never departed from? How can there be a first and last of something that always is, always has been and always will be? Puzzling? Don’t get me started!

            Is “homelessness” an illusion? Have I killed myself over and over and over again over a falsity? Have I always been “home”? What is “home”? “Home is where your heart is”, they say. Where is my heart? Is it a piece of flesh or is it unconceivably larger than that? And what about my nind? Is there an aspect of it that's unlimited and "thought free"? They say we produce ... an outrageous number of thoughts per minute! Aren’t we thinking machines! They say we can replace the wrong tape with the right one. They say we can reprogram. I know it’s true because I’ve written about it and talked about it and seen others do it (sometimes after my motivation). And I know I’m resisting it! In this 3D reality that we chose to tread we need our mind. And if our mind has been conditioned since our birth to think negatively, then… it can do that “forever” for all it cares.

            I have a language issue at the moment. I keep scrutinizing everything I say. I keep filtering every thought through my “default belief” machine! Everything seems like a default belief to me. Even the new, corrected beliefs! We've built a "self" on lies, so it's only natural that we don't know who we are. They tell us "fear not, you should love yourself". But it's only natural to be afraid. I would replace that with "be patient and gentle with yourself, you are learning who you really are".

            I’m not looking for help through this blog. I’m practicing my life purpose to assist in shifting consciousness. Nothing gives me more joy than knowing that I have activated a memory in a person. I’m also looking to share. I’m tired of talking to myself. I want to talk to others. I want to talk to you. And I want to hear your voice because it’s getting a bit lonely in my head. I’m reaching out!